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ASHDomestic Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is a hyperfilteration process in which all impurities ( dissoved ions, heavy molecular, weight compounds, bacteria, viruses) are removed from water by passing through the membrance holes, containing only permissible ingredient. All undesirable elements including salts & biological impurities flush out along with rejected water. Before membrance, water is pretreated by passing through softener, sediment filter, carbon filter & chlorination if desired. Other purification method have no effect on TDS level of water.

Benefits of using ASH systems :

» Enhance taste of water by removing undesirable heavy salts & minerals and protects from high blood pressure, kidney stones, indigestion, gastric bacterial diseases etc.
» Hard saline water, Bore well, Municipal Supplied can be handled to give you soft & tasty water.
» Does not use any type of chemicals, each part is of high food grade quality.

Unique stages of ASH systems :
» Sediment filter for removing suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, rust, silt.
» Granular carbon Pre-Filter for removing chlorine, clour, odour etc.
» Melt Blown Fine Carbon Filter protects from residual suspended particles enhances the life of membrane
» TFC Membrane invented by NASA USA, water is splited into two streams. Undesirable elementsof chemicals & biological impurites flush out along with reject water, pure water received for healthy life.
» Silver Impregnated Post Treatment to enhance the taste & finally polishing of water.

How ASH is best among all purifiers :

Disease Contamination ASH RO Ultra - Violet Boiling
Heart Disease Sodium · x x
Kidney Stone Calcium · x x
Kidney Stone Magnesium · x x
Nepharalgia, Mental Retardation Lead · x x
Indigestion Copper · x x
Pain Mercury · x x
Dysentery Nitrate · x x
Bacterial Disease Bacteria · · ·
Fever Pyrogen · x x
Viral Diseases Virus · · ·
Flouorsis Fluoride · x x
Poisoning Arsenic · x x
Constipation, Dysentery Iron · x x
Cancer Insecticides &Pesticides · x x

Proposed Treatment Scheme / Stages:

a) Raw Water Pump : To pressure feed raw water to the sediment filter and further treatment stages.
b) Sediment Filter : Feed water will pass through the unit for removal of existing suspended impurities, by the action of media / bed provided into the unit.
c) Antiscalent Dosing : To eliminate / reduce the chance of salt precipitation/ scaling at membrane surface during the process and to maintain the life & performance of Membranes, a selected antiscalant chemical would be dosed into the water stream being fed RO Membranes.
d) Micron Filtration Unit : Water is passed through the micronic filter for removal of fine suspended particles to protect the High Pressure Pump & Membranes.
e) High Pressure Pump : To Boost up the water pressure as required for system performance.
f) RO Desalination : The pressurized water is diverted into two streams as Permeate (product water) and Concentrate (reject water) as the result of Reverse Osmosis across the semi permeable membrane.
g) Membrane Cleaning / Flushing System: To maintain the performance & life of R.O. Membranes it is necessary to adopt the following.
Regular flushing (with treated water) of R.O. Membranes.
Chemical cleaning of R.O. Membrane at suitable intervals.

To perform above activities, a flushing / cleaning system to be provided with the RO System.

Limiting Parameters of RO Feed Water

Suspended Solids Nil
Colour Absent
Odour Absent
Turbidity <1 NTU
Silt Density Index <3 NTU
Free Chlorine Nil
Oil & Grease Nil
Free Organics Nil
Total Iron <0.1 mg/l
Heavy Metal Nil
Temperature 400 C

Exclusions of work

1. All Civil work, foundations & drain sumps etc.
2. Raw Water inlet connection with required Pressures .
3. Antiscalent for R O Plant.

Warrenty : The system is guaranteed for Eighteen months from the date of commissioning against inherent manufacturing defects only. Please note warranty would not stand for the losses due to transportation, system mishandling, use of sub- standard/ non-approved spares & consumables and operational mistakes etc.